Esther & Carsten – Burning Man bruiloft bij Blijburg aan Zee

Intimate beach wedding in Amsterdam

We haven’t blogged in a while but we are kind of obligated to share the Burning Man wedding of Esther & Carsten with you. Why? Because this wedding really is something else. Man oh man. Where to start? We have no talent for writing so sorry in advance for the long text ;).

Two months ago we got an e-mail from Esther asking if we wanted to photograph their non-traditional Burning Man themed wedding in Amsterdam. We were really lucky that we weren’t booked yet on the most popular date of this year, 7-7-17. Since we really like unique and out-of-the-box weddings we were stoked to see if we would be a good match and it sure was. It was a blast from start to finish loaded with unique experiences. Together with the very creative Myrthe from Myrthe Regelt Het they’ve created this really great concept. Since Esther and Carsten live abroad, they were very thankful for having her around for the fantastic styling and perfect organization. Big thanks to her and her team!

So let’s talk about the day. Esther and Carsten had lots of guests coming over from abroad. When the guests arrived everybody was asked to think of a wish for the couple and hit a gong to bless them. Each guest was then given a corsage with a weed lollipop inside as a refferal to the city Amsterdam. The venue Blijburg aan Zee was styled beautifully by Myrthe with artwork everywhere. Metal art installations and lots of plants and decoration gave the venue a nice and cosy feel. During the ceremony Esther and Carsten exchanged bead necklages instead of rings because they wanted to incorporate elements from their ceremony they did last year in Hawaii. Guests were asked to write down their wish for the couple and everybody burned their paper in a metal griffin art installation after the ceremony.

The rest of the day was very relaxed with good food, music and speeches. There was a blank canvas where people could paint a piece to replicate a photo of the couple and it was funny to see how the painting changed over the evening. At the end of the dinner there was an impressive suprise art performance to guide everybody inside to the dance floor. When the sun was set everybody gathered around a bonfire and sang along with music played on a ukelele.

We could go on for hours telling how awesome this wedding was but we’ll let the images below tell the rest. We had such an amazing time and we even had the opportunity to experiment with some photo techniques we haven’t tried before. We hope you enjoy this one.

Steef & Lucy

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